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Friday, May 27, 2011

A mini haul

MAC Careblend Powder in Med Plus- Blends like a dreamm. I love the velvet-y finish to it. 
ELF lid primer $1- I love this stuff. I haven’t touched my Paint Pots at all.
Revlon Colorstay liner- I ran out of it. I love this. It stays on and doesn't smudge or anything.
MAC Costa Chic Lipstick- I didn’t get Ever Hip since it was sold out. Wanted something coraly or peachy for the Spring/Summer, so went with this.
All brushes were under $6- 
Angled blush brush from Walmart- I think it's by the same maker of Ecotools. I'm not sure, I read it somewhere that it was. I use this for contouring. It's so soft. 
Pink LE blush brush from Walmart as well- I use this as a setting powder brush. It's alright. I just hope the pink dye doesn't wash off or fade.
Ecotools liner smudge brush- I got this to use for my lower lash line. I don't own the MAC 219 brush =/.
Love & Beauty Face brush from F21- I really got this b/c it's pink haha. But seriously, my new fav brush to apply liquid foundation with. It gets in the smaller areas like around my nose and eye area. I recommend this brush! 

Nail Polishes were $3-$4 ea at this nail supply store off Great SW & Pioneer. I will be making trips there more often!
Betseyville makeup bag- $15 @ Nordstrom Rack!! Perfect size. Not too big, not too small. Now I just need a retractable brush, so I won’t get the inside dirty! 


superdupermolly said...

ugh, i need to go shopping. =P

Donna ♥ Baby said...

i lvoe your makeup bag its super cute! i have that exact angle brush and its aahhhh mazing. its so soft!!

Mara said...

I really want to try out MAC's careblend powder. Also I've missed your blogs....keep'em coming. :)

Kirsty said...

ahhh!!! I want to try out careblend too!!!! i la la loveeeeeee your makeup bag!! ;)

LaBarbie0426 said...

ooh you got some good brushes an that lippie looks really nice i LOVE careblend powder!! i need that liner from color stay!

lovevictoriaa said...

that bag is so cute!!! what a steal!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I want your makeup bag!! Lol, you got it for such a great price. I really love Nordstrom rack, you can get such awesome stuff for way cheaper than the original :D

Nice mini haul you've got yourself hun

Miss ♥ Nikka said...

Yay you made a blog post! Seems like a lot of ppl havent been blogging including myself! Glad to see a post from you!

Girl I love that makeup bag! I also want to get MAC's careblend. Great haul..good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa !!

You asked me about the Garnier antidark circle roller, I love it, I dont wear any foundation on daily so I use it in the morning after my moisturizer, It has a tint to it that really brightens up the eyes and you can reapply after you have patted it on. you dont wear it at night since it has a tint but I would use the green bottle if you want to use it at night also. The actual roller is metal so it is usually always cold so that help to also depuff eyes in the mornings =] I will be doing a review on it so if you want to check it out it will be up soon.

I hope I helped out a bit.


lindah said...

ooh what's your nail polish store called?! :D I'm wondering if we go to the same nail place lol...

kali said...


Just a head's up but I sent you an email ..it was sent to one that you emailed me from a long time ago (not the one shown on your blog.)

I think someone's using your pics again but not sure.

Anyways, hope all is well..