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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Quick update

Sorry for the lack of posting! I've been going through a lot of stuff. I will  not share that on here. If you follow me on twitter...it's kind of obvious but I don't need to explain my business out on my blog. Especially with the hate mails I get from imposters & creepers. Besides, blogging about make-up is ONE of the things I do on my spare time. Sometimes, you get caught up with life though =).

Here are some pictures from Jan til the end of Feb. I went back to Houston for a month. I went in time for MiMi's birthday. We celebrated Friday night & then she had a party bus for Saturday night. It was fun especially with all the family there =). It's ALWAYS someone's birthday in Houston I swear. BTW I get to go out in Houston b/c I actually have babysitters there. I really enjoy the free time I get with the girls there. I'm with my boys 24/7! I just get annoyed by people saying I should stay home...dude I am home during the weekdays and step out on the weekend when THEY ARE IN BED. I am 23 was I suppose to hit mid-life crisis already? I am awake looking up youtube and blogs when they're asleep too..like right now.

Korie & I.

My dearest Kneecie <3.

Black & Yellowww LOL

Linda's Birthday @ Fin Sushi Lounge.

Thao's Birthday @ Hibashi.

I will do my collective haul post sometime this week. I have to borrow my friend's camera =/.