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Friday, January 7, 2011

La Mer Cream Foundation, Benefit's Bella Bamba, VS Nude Lipliner w MAC Honeylove lipstick.

Hi guys! I am currently in Houston right now..yes AGAIN haha. Told ya it's really my 2nd home. I love it here. I am visiting other families here since I didn't get to spend the holidays with them. I will be here til the end of the month. Just gotta be back in Dallas before Valentines. Bf is working, so he couldn't come. He misses me and the boys a lot. I feel bad though. He's getting lots of rest and TIME to play on his COD. My boys are night owls, so their daddy can't ever get any sleep.

I went to Macy's on Christmas Eve & went to check out the Benefit/Shiseido counter since I had a store credit gc. I know Hiep's *my bf/bd* sister works at the same counter at a different mall, but she is a nurse too. She only works there when she can , which is not often. I could wait another month or so to get 30 % off. I'm not patient when it comes to makeup =/.  SA told me I had to come back on the 27th for it. I went on New Years day I think. This was going to be my first pretty lil boxed Benefit blush. Always wanted one. Shit, when the SA said the total was $30 something...I was like damn...that's how much I pay for my foundation. I don't hold any other higher end or pricey blush. I was happy I got it. It was with a giftcard anyways.

Since there's other products posted on here, I won't do a full on review. I don't like to do full reviews anyways. Not too picky and on point with every little details. Kudos to those who like to do it. I just like to summarize my thoughts on it as if how I would tell someone in person about it, rather than boring them about every little thing. That's just me.

If you would like to see a full on review or others swatches here are some lovelies that did:





I love the name Bella. My niece is named Isabella & we call her Bella for short. So when I use this, I think of her haha.

I don't get this brush...LOL its cute and all but I think it's better for contour, I will try!

Smells like watermelon perfume.

Swatched veryy lightly.

& with the 129se brush. I just dabbed my brush w a light hand too. You see how it's very powdery & a lil fallout in the box?

Left: Blended Right: Swatched 1x

Good thing the box is deep, otherwise fallout would be all over the box.

Benefit- Macy's, Sephora, Ulta. $28.

 I think this might last awhile for me. If I do run out, I MIGHT repurchase. Can't say I will b/c I also want to see how NARS Orgasm & Super Orgasm is. I don't have a problem with it except for the fallout. It blends nicely & is very sheer on me. So easy to put on, I could use it on days I'm in a rush too. That's why I also like this. It's one of those things your'e hyped about at first...until something better comes along. Its worth the hype to me right now b/c the color is pretty, cute packaging, blends easily, & it's my first Benefit blush. I should've swatched it next to CORALISTA. I was going to get that if this didn't come out.

FYI this is discontinued!

LOL like last time during the Summer here in Houston, raiding my aunt's makeup. I left my foundation back at  home. All I brought was the Studio Fix Plus Powder, which sucks alone.  Gotta use it over TM or something. I asked my aunt if I could try it out. I don't even think she uses it. She has this, all the skincare stuff and along with the setting pressed powder. I didn't want to try the pressed powder. It looked too neutral for me.

I know I tweeted the other day on how it was hard to blend. Well, that's because I applied concealer first & my primer tried up by the time I stippled this on. I gave it another try today, & it was easy to put on. Texture is thick and creamy. You can just dab a little and still get full on coverage. Medium coverage the least.I think anything creamy would clog up pores. Might not be good for oily girls. I would try the FLUID one. My skin is combo but right now it's very dry. Staying powder is good too. I went out last night & we were on the patio of the bar. Houston's weather is shitty too. I didn't retouch.

I think this is more of NC40 shade than my NC37. I had to blend it in and set it with a lighter powder. I like using liquid foundation so this was all I could settle for until I go to the mall this weekend.

I just wanted to share this with you guys if you're interested and ballin like crazy to spend $80-$90 on this stuff. Seriously wtfff? If imma pay that much, I better wake up with glitters & diamonds IN MY FACE. That's not the case though haha. I wonder why is being discontinued. They still have the fluid one of this though.

Left: Rimmel's Spotlight Beige Center: VS NUDE Lipliner Right: MAC Honeylove

I swatched Rimmel's Spotlight Beige next to the NUDE lipliner b/c I paired these two last night & I liked it. Doesn't look like a perfect match swatched on my hands but when you apply it on your lips, you can't tell.

VS Lipliner in Nude with MAC Honeylove Lipstick -- MY fav nude combo at the moment.

I got Honeylove when I went in to get a B2M lipstick. I asked Jo which one to get, she told me this hehe. I got the VS lipliner when I had that secret reward card, it was $8. They had another pretty shade too. I will pick it up this weekend. Im glad I picked up this liner. I lost my MAC Subclulture. I needed a light pinky nude to go with pink OR/& nude lipsticks. This works well with Honeylove *matte nude* & others l/s likeMAC  Creme Cup, Maybelline's Pink Please, MAC Angel & Hue, & VS It Girl l/s. Could pair it up with alot. I lined and used it as a base all over my lips for it to stay on longer.

FOTD *Went lighter on the brows since I left Brun at home*

VS Pro FX Priner
Laura Mercier Concealer
La Mer Creme Foundationin 03 Buff *NC40 match*
Rimmel's Stay Matte in Sandstorm as setting powder

Sephora shadow that comes in with the birthday beauty insider as highlight
MAC Mulled Cider all over the lid
MAC Soft Brown for blending
Essence black liner
Maybelline Falsies mascara
Ardell Wispie lashes

Charcoal Brown for the brows.

ELF highlighter
ELF Duo for contour
Benefit Bella Bamba for blush

Vaseline Lip Therapy
VS Liner in Nude as liner & all over base on the lips
MAC Honeylove

Dammit 21 mins late on Jersey Shore. *slaps self*. Over here caught up with listening to Tyga on youtube LOL. I missed this & Teen Mom.


Expensive Pink said...

I absolutely LOVE how that blush looks on you!!! Omg I can't wait to get it


Miss ♥ Nikka said...

I swatched Bella Bamba at Sephora and it is powdery. I need to see it on me in order to tell if I like it. I have Coralista and I dont even use it much. You're soo pretty! :D

she walks iin beauty said...

I have to try that VS lip liner! I have all the lipsticks you mentioned that it works well with. It looks great! Love the blush too btw. (:

Charming Vanity said...

Love how the nude lipstick looks on u! Pretty...the blush is of awesome color too! =D


Tiffany said...

Gorgeous! I could some tips...

A Barbie Gone BAD said...

hey melissa you look gorgeous! i love this blush on you! which elf highlighter are you using? i knw houston weather sucks cold one day hot the next! ugh! lol what mall you going to? i bought the NARS deep throat oh how i love it! its gorgeous worth my 26bucks haha

Anonymous said...

love the look! i am from houston too and i feel ya on the weather it's mostly humid all the time but it's not bad right now! my mom uses that foundation i've tried it i didnt love it! but i really want to try that blush since its newish!!

Cindy Yang Lee said...

Very pretty! And i always use vaseline when I wear nude lipsticks too because they tend to dry up.

Miss*Kimmy said...

You look stunning Lisa! That bella bamba looks so pigmented and I love the color.
Do you ever use La Mer face cream? I haven't used it but wonder if it's all its said to be ...
I missed the whole episode of Jersey Shore ... hopefully next week I can catch up a bit.

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so lovely. enter my giveaway? x hivennn.

Cindy Yang Lee said...

Hey Lisa! You're one of my new favorite bloggers so I award you the "Stylish Bloggar Award!"

Mara said...

Oh man, that picture of you wearing the blush is just GORGEOUS......that blush is not joke. I really want it. So pretty and I'm a sucka for cute packaging....btw I'm really liking Honeylove on you. I never think to swatch it in stores. I will now. :)

Kate Gene said...

You look SO pretty!

I hope that you were able to catch the first 21 minutes of 'Jersey Shore'. It was full of good drama!


P. S. Happy Belated Birthday!

Dani said...

Lisa! I love the light brows!

TinkerBi said...

you are too damn pretty!!!

Also,I awarded you as a stylist blogger. you are now tag ;)

Toni Tralala said...

Smells like watermelon? MMM... :) Hey! I love the Sugarbomb one! <3 Looking good, mama! I like how ti complements your skin tone.

Nude lippies are my favorite and red when I'm feeling bold! :)


Hey Sweetie, you have a Blog Award on my blog.


Sarah said...

Your makeup looks gorgeous!!

Pop Champagne said...

wow you look great, love that lip color on you and your hair is perfect! haha jersey shore- my guilty pleasure :D

elooh said...

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I from brasil
I love its blog
already following I am you
ps:sorry my english bad

Jessika xo said...

aww I really want to try that bella bamba! and you should really see that whole jersey short episode it was intense lol

LaBarbie0426 said...

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Thanks doll,
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YASMINE said...

Just discovered ur blog today all the way from Paris; & I ...



You show that we can be mums & stay absolutely gorgeous at the same time...

I'm now a follower


stilettolover91 said...

You're gorgeous <3


silvia Navarro said...

great post!!
love your style!=D
follow u !!!!!!haha

Anonymous said...

This question is going to sound stupid but can you contour with blush? if you can can you post a pic of you contouring with this blush...?
check out my blog and follow if you like it.

Katie Ngo said...

Love (:
Blush looks gorgeous on you!

Btw girl,
is this you? I came across it while reading the front page.
I was like ... o_0
decided to ask first.

I'm coming back to blogging soon.
A little settled down now. Missed you and your posts!

Sarah said...

You look gorgeous, this is a beautiful lip color on you!