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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Finally back =).

Been in Houston all Summer & I didn't have my camera on me! I had a wonderful time there . Was very busy too. I also helped w parties & events. My son Thai turned 1 on July 14th =). I've gotten closer to my aunts *my dad's sisters.* I stayed at my Aunt Lannie's house in Sugar Land. She cooked for us everyyy day. Anything we craved for, she told us to make a list and she will cook it or that's what we'll have for dinner. I watched her sons during the weekdays too. So I also got paid on my vacation =). Trust meee, they were a hand full. I'm the only one who can probably handle those boys LOL. Nothing new to me, I have two boys myself. My older son Coby stayed w his Dad over here in Dallas/GP. They would come visit in Houston every 2-3 weeks. Hiep worked on certain weeks so he couldn't really stay w/me. BTW I didn't buy much makeup this Summer....I know wth right? I've been sticking to neutral eyes with pinky-nude lips. Like alwaysss. Not sure if I've ever mention..but FOOD is before makeup & clothes for me. Food is the key to my heart. All I tweet about or post on FB is about FOOD LOL. So yes I ate a bunch this Summer. Went out every now and then w my cousins/childhood friends. Spent a lot of time w family. I'm glad I decided to come to Houston...I've never gotten to spend time with my dad side like that. I miss em already.

Don't really feel like typing much or going into details because there's wayy too much to tell LOL. Pictures w captions will do for now =). I also did all the decorations for all the parties you see on here to. I love planning parties and doing events!

Freeport TX Beach
My Cousin Evelyn's 25th Birthday
Michael's 80's theme housewarming party
Thai's Carninal Theme 1st Birthday Party
Auntie Lannie's 80's theme 40th Birthday Party
Diep & Jimmy's Juicy Couture Theme Baby Shower
New Orleans, Louisiana Trip w the girls

(Click to enlarge) I need to remind myself to not resize them that way they'll look better on here...quality looks shit on here ughh.

(Freeport TX Beach)

Thai's first time at the beach.

(Cousin Evelyn's 25th bday)

Denise & I @ Club Venue *BTW she is half Laotian & Black* She was my childhood partner in crime..STILL IS! =)

Amber, Evelyn, Janatte, Denise, & me

(Michael's 80's theme Housewarming/Potluck Party)

(Thai's 1st Birthday/Carnival Theme )

Thai, their daddy *Hiep*, & Coby

Bean Toss game

Musical Chairs

Potatoe Sack race

Cracker eating contest LOL.

Opening gifts

& moree

(Aunt Lannie's 80's theme 40th Birthday)

Birthday girlll

Cassettes =).

(Diep & Jimmy's Juicy Couture theme Baby Shower)

Yumm Strawberry lemonade

The lovely couple

(New Orleans , LA Trip w the girls)

My fav place there !! Yummy beignets.


Us with the bday girl Janatte *black one shoulder dress*.

My cousin Evelyn & I.

Doesn't she reminds you of Fergie?

My sister & I.


Katie Ngo said...

welcome back love! All the pictures are gorgeous. & it looked like you had tons of fun on your days off blogging!

lorraine said...

dang girly! you've had a fun, busy summer! :) great photos! you look wonderful in all of them :)

Miss*Kimmy said...

YAYYY Lisa is back.
I love all your gorgeous pics, Thai is soooo cute .. I think your friend is way prettier than Fergie though.

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Lyricallyness said...

Great Blog :)

Unknown said...

I really like Diep & Jimmy's Juicy Couture theme Baby Shower. May I ask what kind of favors were given to the guest?