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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

MAC To the Beach Collection

Excited Much? =).

Well I just know FOR SURE I'm getting my hands on the Hipness blush & Lazy Day lippie. Then probably go back for the Splashing lipglass & Life's a Breeze lipliner. I can only get two first because my bf is getting it for me. That's already sweet of him...don't wanna ask for anymore since he took me shopping today.

I'm actually not thrilled about Marine Life highlighter. I know I know...wtff right? It's a lil to orangey for me..but then again I have to see it in person myself OR wait for Jo to post about it and I'll probably be convinced..she has great taste in blushes and cheek stuff I tell ya.

I also don't want to get much because of the packaging. It's going to stand out in my traincase and make it look tacky haha. It's so going to bother me..if only it was PINK. Then again the packaging goes with the name of the collection .

Also going to go see Sex in the City 2 with my sister and my girlfriends. Ohh tomorrow better go by fast.

Is anybody excited? Or going to skip this collection? What do you plan to get? =)

OH BTW I have 6 B2M empties..can I get a lippie from the collection or ONLY the permanent ones?


Liana said...

i aaaalmost bought the highlight powder....but decided against it. now i regret it! i'll probably get it though eventually! :)

Lil Asian Girl said...

I'm skipping it. Nothing really got me excited. I only wanted Marine Life cuz the seahorse design is pretty. Other than that - I think it's a yawn. lol Now Venomous Villains...now THAT I'm looking forward to...and Fabulous Felines ;)

Cheryl♥ said...

I just bought a Bronzing Creme, Refined Golden Bronzer, Splashing Lipglass, Hipness Blush, 131 Brush. Gonna have to check out the rest in store...

And you CAN get Lazy Day with your 6 B2M! Does not have to perm... you just can't get Viva Glam!

TKOmulatta said...

I've been excited about this since I saw it on temptalia! I don't know what I want though, I'm not going to get much because I've been trying to limit what I spend lately, but I'm def. going to at least pick out one thing.

Makeup by Kim Porter said...

Marine Life will look good on almost anyone. After the gold overlay is gone (disappears after 1-2 uses) it's more of a blush than highlighter. You can use each color alone or mix together. I ended up purchasing two.

I got that plus the Weekend cream bronzer; sweet & punchy, firecracker, sand & sun e/s, thrills & funbathing l/s

I did a youtube haul & a post on my blog


HelloGorgeous said...

I just placed my order online yesterday I got:

The Marine Highlighter(If I didn't get anything else I had 2 have this)

Splashing lipgloss

The orange lip pencil

Lustre drops (the brown one)
Hipness blush

Nothing else really caught my eye. I might go back for a coupple eye shadows and the pink lipstick

Makeup by Kim Porter said...

I gave you a blog award: http://makeupbykim-porter.com/2010/05/blog-award/

Miss*Kimmy said...

Ahhh, I really want all of these things! I'm crazy for the summery packaging.

Makeup and More by Shelly said...

This collection looks soo nice, def have to get my hands on a few items. Thanks for sharing! :D


Hardcore Makeup Junkie said...

Awww...thanks girl :) That was the look I was going for...the girls in the Japanese mags lol ;)

Thanks for stopping by.



lindah said...

GIRLLL.. where the heck are you going to check this out at?! LOL, since you said you're from my area.. I think it's sold out everywhere o_O! The MAC lady even called me to tell me about it but I never called her back to see if there was a pre-sale! T_T I realllyyyy want the marine life high light powder LOL.... If they even have one I'll scoop that up, but if they have two.. I'm TOTALLY picking it up to try to sell and make $10 haha! xD

Sweet of your boyfriend to get you some things though :) I heard there's gonna be events everywhere since they all invited me o_O! Better hurry and get your things girl lol

missjohanat said...

I wann hug you like right now! Haha ur too funny.

Okay soo the marine life highlight powder in my own honest opinion is definitely pretty. I personally can't wait for the gold overspray to come off. it's a little too glittery so my personal taste. I prefer either a matte blush and a shimmery highlight or a blush with a sheen finish.

Anyhow, I recommend you get it b4 u regret it.

& I will post pics so you can see how it looks on me since we are the same skin tone.

TTYL gorgeous :)


JoMakeMeBlush said...

I just realized that I wasn't logged in correctly. But that comment^ is from me :)

Also just read ur question about b2m and yes u can get a l.e lipstick. The only lippies u can't get are the viva glam's.

:) also I wanted to tell u I went back for the nars sheer glow in barcelona instead. I like it better and I can add bronzer if I need it to be any more darker. I'm tan is fading :(

Imsu said...

Great stuff!

Do check out my CSN gift certificate of $60 Giveaway.


Thank you!

Hollywood said...

Oh my God girl why is there NO email address to contact you here? lol Please send me an email so I can answer all your questions =)



Miss*Kimmy said...

Just got a back from the mall and got a few things from this collection - but you're right .. I'm not really digging the packaging in person! hehe.
Thanks for your always lovely comments Molly.