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Friday, May 28, 2010

Jo, YOU make me blush hehe. To the Beach MAC goodies.

-Hipness Blush -Lazy Day Lipstick -Easy Lounger Lipglass

I ended up with Easy Lounger instead of Splashing l/g because I honestly liked that one better haha. Plus, I received it as a B2M lippie =).

Lazy Day is pretty light and sheer on me. I thought it was going to show up more like how it looks in the tube. At first, I thought it reminded of me Angel. I then put Hue on top of Angel & it was pretty close to Lazy Day. I did the upper lip with the Angel & Hue combo, then the bottom with just Lazy Day.

& of course Hipness babyyy. I loveee it. I think I want to go back and get another one. Still not convinced to get Marine's Life. It's one of those thing I want to have just because it's sold out everywhere else...everywhere else except for Parks mall MAC store & Dillard's MAC counter. I still have time to get it * I think*. So far I am going back to get Life's a Breeze lipliner.

Easy Lounger L/G, Lazy Day L/S, Hipness Blush

EDIT- So yes like I stated in my last post that I wouldn't be convinced to even get the Marine Life unless by of course Jo =). HAHA! Reason why is b/c we are the same skintone & I have most of the same blushes as she does. Imma be blush whore btw...so yeah.

OK Marine's Life was sold out at the MAC store. I called Dillard's to see if they sold out. They told me they had only TWO left. I told my sister to hurry and go during her break to go get it for me. She went & got the last one for me!!! =)

Marine Life Highlighter (um, more like blush.) Sorry I didn't take a swatch pic. I attempted to do one, but it ended up being a shimmy mess =(.

Yeah, not liking the over spray. I don't like anything that's shimmery or too much of a "glow". Sometimes, it makes me my skin look oily even when it's not *womp wompp*. I will have to apply this with a light hand or perhaps with the #188 brush *whenever I get it!* I can try with the 187 or 129.

For those who have it, what brush did you use to apply it with =)?


HelloGorgeous said...

I can't wait till the rest of my stuff comes. Jo got the hipness blush from me since I ordered it on the MAC website only for them to send me an email saying it was back ordered. I got everything Jo got except for the brush I'm not really a fan of flat brushes. I am going to order the Body Oil Bronzer and the Lazy Day Lipstick since I am liking it more and more.

PS you have some hawt friends lol

Miss*Kimmy said...

So jealous you got the highlighter.
I got beachbound and lazy day lipstick, the smashing lipgloss andt he shimmermoss eyeshadow, but they didn't have the highlighter left :*(.

Miss♥Nikka said...

Lucky you got the marine life...im jealous! coz it is gorgeous! I love Jo..she's one of my fave blogger n yt guru.

Your sis is as gorgeous as you! You have gorgeous friends too! :]

JoMakeMeBlush said...

awww x 1000! omg! your friend and I do look alike! That is crazy!

glad you got ur hands on marine life highlighter. It requires a little more work than we are used to but you will love it. Promise :)

I just bookmarked your blog on my phone that way I can check you out often :)

Keep in touch girly!


and thanks ladies! I love you all!

JoMakeMeBlush said...

is that really you preggo?..awww!...cuteness!

also can you do a look wearing lazy day. I wanna see if I should get it :)

stilettolover91 said...

She's beautiful!!


Makeup by Kim Porter said...

Great stuff! Marine high light is definitely a blush. It's pretty nonetheless. I ended up getting two of those, funbathing & thrills l/s, three of the e/s