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Monday, May 17, 2010

Boobies much?

Haven't been tanning for 3 weeks. Good gawd, I fade so easily.

Still busy =/. I am planning Diep's Baby Shower!! I will be hosting it. It's going to be a Pink/Brown Juicy Couture theme. I'm soo glad that I get to do this. Everyone knows I love baby showers and hosting them. It won't be til mid July. I will be leaving to Houston on June 4th. I will be staying there for the rest of my Summer. My dad side of the family lives there & they don't get to see my kids often. It is also less stressing for me over there.I'm veryy excited. I get to get my hands on more beauty products. Especially Asian brand products. I've been eye-ing on them ever since I started to swap on MUA. I would receive samples of them. The packagings are soo cute and always in PINK *my favorite color* Most are natural skin care products and false lashes. I would love to get my hands on some pink/nude Asian brand lippies. Share please! I'm a newbie at discovering Asian brand products. Thanks to those Japanese magazines LOL.

Anyways, as I was searching up Japanese beauty products...I've found some quite interesting but strange products.

F Cup Cookies

Boobie twinkies?

LOL supposely this stuff really works...

I actually want to try them to see what they taste like...& if they do taste gooy, why not? My boobs would be growing at the same time. Although I DO NOT need this. I am a 34C. I do want them perkier. Those who have had kids knows what I'm talking about...need that LIFT! I wonder what happens if you stop eating them....

It's something I find bizarre. I'm not going to go out of my way to try these...but I'm sure I can find these somewhere in the Asian shopping centers over here in Dallas or when I go to Houston. If I do, I will definitely post about it!


For more reviews click here.

NanoMed Finale Pinknipple Cream & Mayfair Pink Nipple Cream

The picture speaks for itself. I find this very shocking. I just don't understand why you would not be happy with NON-pink nipples. It's sad...I didn't know such thing existed. I mean I know with Asian women *like me* after you have kids, your areola darkens. Although I do hear a lot with Asian guys preferring Caucasian women because of their pink nipples! No wonder this product was invented...men like that make Asian women feel insecure.

You can read more about it on here:



Point of View Nipples

Uhh I thought this was a joke...one of those silly products sold at Spencer's Gift. I still don't understand what the purpose of this product is. How often do women walk around bra-less with their nipples showing anyways? I know of someone who doesn't wear a bra at all in public. She wears a lot of white tees too =/.
Read more about it on here:


Has anybody tried any of these products or heard of it? What do you think about them?


Hollywood said...

OMG this is Hillarious I kinda want the FCUP cookies though lol and by the way I don't want my nipples to be pink I am caucasian lol they are more on the olive side (loool don't you love details sometimes?) and I like them (lol)

Leah ♥ said...

Those nipple things are HILARIOUS! I dont know of any guy ever speaking of their preference of nipple colors. I dont even think they care. Also, about that nipple shower thing, what happens when you take a guy home and he wants to see your actual nipples? Thats like false advertisement lol.

Anyhoo, you are sooooo gorgeous!!! Love the makeup, eyes, everything!

Ive been to TX once, not in Houston though, just in Austin/San Antonio. Id love to go back and see Dallas, I heard its very diverse there. The area in Austin I went to I was like the only asian lol. Hope you have fun with your fam in Houston!


TKOmulatta said...

Thats such a pretty picture of you! Your very photogenic.

OMG I swear they have a product for everything now its crazy. I would never want to try and make my nipples "pink" who knows what that could do as far as side effects :o

I would never wear the last product! I don't even like to wear thin bra's now because of the chance of looking like that girl in the picture.

Lastly - I would probably try to "F cup" Cookies, lol... I know what you mean about needing a lift sometimes after having a child!

HelloGorgeous said...

You look kinda like Makeup By Leina Baaby! But anyways funny post lol


HelloGorgeous said...

I'm not surprised that they would have a cream to make your nipples pink considering there is cream for anal/vaginal bleaching. The things us women will do for perfection!

Kate Gene said...

You look amazing!

OMG... What crazy products! I also don't need any assistance in the boobage department (LOL), but I still wonder if those cookies actually work! Even if they don't, but they taste good, I'd probably buy them because I love me some cookies! Ha ha!

I think the Juicy Couture theme is super cute! You'll have to post pictures of the shower!


xphoebelinax said...

oh gosh, these totally made me laugh, i kinda wanna try the f cup cookies just for kicks! but a friend of mine have seen the pink nipple cream before and she sent me a photo, she couldnt stop laughing :P

Miss*Kimmy said...

LOL ... Where on earth did you find these? TOOOO funny. F cup cookies .. if only it were that simple, hey? Then again, Japan has the most advanced technology .. try them out for us! hehe.

Makeup by Kim Porter said...

The thigns people create is crazy.

YOu look great in your pic by the way.

The nipple's are the funniest.


Lil Asian Girl said...

Girl, you're killin' me! While I am intrigued at the F cup cookies - I def don't need them! If I do find them here - I'll grab 'em for you as long as they don't cost a whole helluva lot.

The perky nipple thingy - wasn't there an epi of SATC where Samantha wore some like that? or someone in an epi did? Or maybe I'm crazy. lol

Totally off topic - I just read your side note thingies - I'm a brush whore too. :P


Leah ♥ said...

Hey doll! I just did a post on the idea that you threw out about doing a look inspired by pornstars! I linked it back to your blog :) Id love to hear what you think


nee said...

Hey girl, the nude delight lippie just came out the end of last year but it's not sold every where yet.. dunno why..
but omg, the pink nipple cream is whacked! LOL I don't know how that can be safe..

I just followed you ^_^ looking forward to your future posts :D

California.Doll said...

Omg, at Victoria's Secret, we sell the Miraculous push-up with nipples. And you know what's worse? Plenty of women were buying it. Must be because I'm in Vegas! The majority were probably strippers, cocktail waitresses, bartenders, prostitutes, or hooters girls. XD