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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

MAC Hue & Please Me Lipsticks

Left-Please Me*Matte*, Right- Hue *Glaze*

Left- Hue *Glaze*, Right-Please Me *Matte*


TKOmulatta said...

I actually like this lippie on you... I don't feel like it makes you look washed out but if you do maybe you should try mixing it with another color?
Your so pretty!!

TKOmulatta said...

P.S. I just saw your post below where you did the tag --- your sister is so pretty! Isn't being a mommy wonderful? I love it too... it's so much fun, and your son is soo cute! You have such a nice looking family!!!

lovelyviolet5 said...

Your lashes look gorgeous!!That maskara is good?

♥ Miss Nikka said...

Melissa youre so gorgeous! Your hair is long and pretty! Love <3

Are you pinay? I love the contacts your wearing, which one are they?

I need to try to use baby powder as a setting powder(do a review maybe?) hehe.

♥ Miss Nikka said...

Opps..I just noticed you do have the review for the baby powder..>.<

Makeup by Kim Porter said...

I like please me. You skin looks sunkissed. Beautiful look


Fifi said...

LOL I don't think you look washed out with Hue. It looks pretty on you. I'm looking for a nude pink lipstick right now, but something warm instead of cool-toned. Any suggestions? :)

naturalnchicmakeup said...

I like the lip combo on you. Gorgeous look!

kimber doll said...

Looks really pretty on you, babes!!
Love those blue eyes =)

Lauren said...

Hey sweetie :)

Thanks for choosing to follow my blog, it's great!

Oh my word, you're absoloutley stunning! May I have your face please?


JoMakeMeBlush said...

You look fab. Hue looks great on you.

Skye said...

Hey hun
your gorjuz,and I loveee the lip combo,btw about the makeup here in Australia its crap lol seriously im ashamed to say it but we dont really have anything to fantastic to brag about I dont know what it is but it just seems like Aus isnt that much into makeup as international countries,all the brushes ive tried here are crap I actually bought a Sigma brush set there great really similar to MAC, the only brand I can recommend to you is BYS thats like the Aussie NYX just not as good here is a link to a fiew of there things


hope that helps a bit hun take care :)

Molly Tamale said...

@ TKOmulatta- Thanks. I like the color...just not the glaze finish, my lips looks chapped everytime I use that lippie lol. I might try mixing it with Angel or something. Aww you have a beautiful daughter yourself! I <3 being a mommy. Cherishing the littlest things that babies/kids do.

@ lovelyviolet5- Thank you dear. Those are Ardell False lashes with Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara. You should try it I <333 that mascara.

@ Miss Nikka- Aww thnks hun. You're goregous yourself. I am actually Laotian *mom*/Thai*Dad*. I do get Pinay a lottt. I think it's because of my tan and nose maybe? Most laotians have flat noses lol. and Laotian people think I had a nose job..but no. I am using Fresh Looks Colorblend in Grey. It looks blue sometimes since I have dark brown eyes. I like the baby powder =). Just apply lightly or your face will look ghostly white k.

@Kim- Thank youuu! I can't wait for my Ben Nye Banana powder to come in. My skin looks sunkissed b.c of the MAC Hyper Real Foundation...it has shimmer stuff in it. I didn't even use bronzer. You should try it =).

@FiFi- Thanks =) Umm warm toned nudes? I like Aloof and Honeylove =)

@naturalchicmakeup- Thanks lovelyy =).

@Kimberdoll- Aww thank you, my contacts are actually Grey but they do look blue sometimes!

@Lauren- Nooo may I have yourrrr face? =) You're soo sweet. I want your big hair too!

@Jo- Thank you Jo. You inspired mee actually. I want to try out all those blushes you have that I don't have already. I wear NC40 too so a lot of your reviews are veryy helpful love.

@Skye- Thank youu. Really? I really thought you guys would have some good stuff..but maybe Im mixing it up with the UK LOL!! The blogs I follow on here who live out of the U.S either live in Austrailia, UK, Malaysia, or Indonesia...

I hope my dad brings something good from New Zealand though. He knows I lovee makeup. I'm always open to try new products.

J-Ezzy said...

I love Hue, I def recommend mixing it with another color (I mix it allll the time!) You look great!

Billie Houghton said...

I think I just fell inlove with your blog! Your gorgeous:) I'm having a mac hue lipstick giveaway! I'd love for you to take a look x x x

Patti said...

I have the same problem with Hue!! I really love the color but I don't know how to wear it because after a while my lips look chapped! Does anybody know how to avoid this problem?!