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Friday, April 30, 2010

Quick Update

*Edited/Updates w/pictures*

Today is my son Coby's birthday!! He is 3 yrs old today. We're celebrating his birthday at Chuck E Cheese tonight. Toy Story *Buzz Lightyear* Theme. Party City's not releasing all the Toy Story 3 Theme stuff til TOMORROW. Womp Womp. So we're just doing blue & lime green. Mr potato head & toy soldier toys on the table. Print out some Toy Story coloring sheets and crayolas in the goodie bags. We got lucky with a Toy Story cake too =).

Coby is very excited. Makes me happy seeing my son this happy too =). Ohh hope all goes well at Chuck E Cheeese.

Happy Birthay Coby. Mommy loves you!!!

Him being silly. Cheeto fingers! LOL

Baby Thai & Mommy

Him & his hat...looks just like his daddy.

So far loving all of the ELF products. In love with Gotta Glow highlighter/blush right now.

I'm also using NARS Sheer Glow Foundation. I have samples *2 of each* of Stromboli & Barcelona. Stromboli reminds me of NC37 but less yellow,which I really like. I use this when I want to use a darker bronzer for the day. Barcelona is like my NC40. I use Barcelona on weekends or when I'm going for a more "dolled up" look. Man I like this way wayy better than MAC Studio Fix Fluid. Might just be my HG foundation.

Face: NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in BARCELONA
ELF's All Cover Stick in Medium
ELF's Blush/Contouring DUO
ELF's Gotta Glow Blush as highlighter
ELF's Blush in Candid Coral

Eyes: MAC Bronze/ ELF Gotta Glow on brow highlights
Estee Lauder black eyeliner
Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara
False Lashes- not sure what brand

Brows: MAC Brun brushed on with reg eyebrow groom brush

Lips: MAC Faux Lipstick w/ MAC Whirl lipliner

Wedding is tomorrow OMFG! SUPER EXCITED

Friday, April 23, 2010

ELF Goodies/Reviews

Hello loves! First I wanted to share with you guys that I won Gaby's ELF $25 Giveaway =). I was just blog surfing one late night and found her blog. When I like someone's blog I actually go back and read their older posts to see what other good stuff they tried out and etc. I saw that she was having a giveaway and thought of what the heck let's enter for fun and hopefully I'll be in luck. I didn't think of it much. I really did had like 20 items I've been wanting from the ELF line & it's hard to find it around here. I checked all Dollar Generals and most Targets. I only got lucky to getting the e/s brushes that's it. Anyways, I checked my mail and read that I won!! I was having a bad day too, prob just cranky from waking up from a good nap too. It made my day. I was just like awww this is soo sweet. Made my day and I finally get to go ahead and order the stuff I've been having my eye on. Thank You Gaby! I really appreciate you for doing this. I can't wait to do a giveaway myself. Not sure when yet. I just don't want to do it just to gain followers...I don't want that at all. That is rude. Heard about some people entering giveaways and deleting them after they win something or sometimes delete after not winning. I'm waiting to gain more TRUE followers then I'll do one. I want to be fair with my true followers and do something special for them. I've met soo many sweet ones. I love you guys! I love your honesty, opinion, & reccomendations! Keep posting more and I'll do the same *I'll try too* hehe =). BTW I don't follow people just because they do. I'm annoyed by people who do that.

Anywhos. I ordered it last Monday and received it today *Friday, April 23rd*.

-2 Luminance Highlighter
-Warm Tan Bronzer
-Sun Kissed Bronzer
-Studio Line Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder Duo
-Studio Line Tickled Pink Blush
-Studio Line Peachykeen Blush
-Studio Line Candid Corral Blush
-Studio Line Gotta Glow Blush/Highlighter
-Studio Line Eyeshadow in Wild Wheat
- Regular Eyeshadow brush for my mom
-All Over Color Stick in Golden Peach
-All Over Cover Stick in Medium

Total was $24.95. I didn't use the Brush Set code b/c I have most of it already. Instead I used the code for $50 off the first $15 spent =). Check out retailmenot.com for codes.

I am very pleased with all and glad I was finally able to purchase what I've been wanting to try for so long.

ELF Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder Duo / NARS Orgasm/Laguna Duo

$3 compared to $39- Oh can't beat the price!!

I don't own the NARS Orgasm/Laguna Duo but I've read that the ELF is a pretty good dupe. I've also played with the NARS Orgasm/Laguna Duo before at Sephora. I didn't loveeee it but I did somewhat like it. Still wasn't convinced to buying it as many times I've gone in there and kept on playing with it haha. Everytime I hear about a cheaper/afforable dupe of a higher-ened product, I always try the cheaper one first. If I do the opposite...Imma be mad if it sucks and the cheaper one is better & I just wasted my money. I used to be a MAC snob like big time...I just started to buy drugstore brands like 2 months ago? I'm proud of myself though =). Makeup gets old fast if it's just sitting there. So I only spend a lot of $ on MAC if it's one of my HG or a new LE item that I have to fall in love with when first swatched. I also never really liked ELF or even had 2nd thoughts on trying out any of their products. I think it's because I played with the lipglosses and eyeshadows when it first came out at Burlington's Coat Factory & I hateddd it! I thought it was cheap and greasy.

ELF Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder Duo- When first swatched, it seems a lil chalky. But what do you expect $3!! You can easily blend that in with a brush though. The bronzer is a lil darker than NARS Laguna. My trick is to apply with a light hand and blend, blend, blend. This will even seem darker on fairer skin. I am currently NC40/NC42 & it blends in well with my skin. My mom is NC25/NC30 & it's wayy too dark on her. The blush was fine for her too. She loved it. She has the Orgasm blush too. She's going to use up her NARS then use the ELF one. After she runs out she will just re-up with ELF instead. I really like the blush. At first glance, I thought it was the ELF Candid Corral. The blush is more shimmery. It makes my cheeks glowy, I like it. I actually think it's more like NARS Deep Throat not Orgasm *swatched it next to my mom's NARS Orgasm blush*. I also don't have to apply the MSF. I usually always apply MSF over my blush. If you think this is too pigmented for you, then NARS would be too too pigmented for you maybe?

Overall I would buy this again. Will I go for the NARS duo? No. I rather spend $3 and stock up on ELF even though I have to blend the shit out of the bronzer. It's all about the brush and good hands =). Trust me..I know a few girls who are NARS snob and their makeup looks like how my makeup was like in the 10th grade. All shiny and greasy and in NEED OF a blending brush LOL. I still prefer my NYC Sunny Bronzer for that matte finish to contour though. I wouldn't mind having the NARS duo though. It'll go on my wishlist next year.<--MAYBE! I'm always open to try new stuff. Whatever I don't use anymore, I give away or swap it on MUA.

I will have to keep playing with this and do a quick 2nd review sometime.

Sorry if you can't really see. I just swiped once with my finger.

ELF Gotta Glow / NARS Albatross

I've been wanting NARS Albatross soo bad after reading Miss Natty's review. Gotta Glow is one of ELF's NEW blush from the Studio Line. I didn't even know about this or ever heard of it.I was just hovering over the colors and saw this. I was like hmm why not. I wanna try another highlighter besides the other ELF's Luminance highlighter bronzer anyways. This is not chalky surprisingly. Easy as hell to blend too. I think I can even use this as a brow highlight. It's a lil lighter than MAC's Ricepaper too. I always use that as a hl/ on my brows too. Again $3. Can't beat that. I really like this. Glad I found something more affordable to try than spend $$ on the NARS one.

I don't have a swatch picture, but here's one I've found on a blog.


Really good review & she has more pictures and swatches on there too.

MAC Pink Swoon/ ELF Tickled Pink blush

Tickled Pink is almost exactly the same color as MAC Pink Swoon. I first heard about Pink Swoon through Kim Kardashian's blog. Had to go and get it. Well Tickled Pink is really chalky. It appears matte at first, but it has shimmer in it. A lot of fall out too. I applied it with my MAC 129 brush. It looked a lil too Barbie Doll ish & too chalky more like ashy?. Then on the other cheek I decided to use my 187 instead. Whoa big difference. Must apply with a light hand and 187 brush sure did it. I just stippled a lil and blended in with my kabuki brush. Pink Swoon is more sheer *it is sheertone too*. Sometimes Pink Swoon doesn't show up on me. I think it's because I tan and when I'm darker it doesn't really show. When I'm NC37/NC40 it shows more. But since I am close to NC42 right now, I would have to use the ELF Tickled Pink for more of a color. I wouldn't mind repurchasing. Wouldn't have to do that unless I'm tanned. Will use Pink Swoon during Winter and Tickled Pink when tanned and during Spring/Summer. Hope this helps!

Left: MAC Pink Swoon, Right: ELF Tickled Pink Blush
Kind of hard to tell, I'm NC40/NC42 right now.

I heard ELF's Luminance is similar to MAC's Honour? I will find out soon.

BTW I like to do reviews on cheaper/drugstore brand products because I know it is HARD collecting makeup and buying what you want. There's soo many out there. I'm trying to not be a MAC/Higher-end snob anymore. I've been buying a lot of drugstore brands. That will be on a later later post after the wedding and stuff are done.These are all my honest opinions. If I feel like the more expensive one is better I will tell you. I'm trying to help out others also because I know that guilt feel you get when you spend more $ just b/c of the brand, then you find a wayy cheaper dupe of it. It's harder for me because I'm also a Hello Kitty fanantic. I chose to buy Hello Kitty items before makeup any day. I'm trying to keep up! haha try doing that and having to keep up with two rugrats *2 1/2 yr old & 9 mths old.

That's all for now. Will do swatches and a review on the other stuff when I get the chance. It's going to be a crazy weekend. Following a crazier week starting next Monday then the wedding =). Excited much?? Oh yeahhh =).

Friday, April 9, 2010

MAC Hyper Real SPF 15 Foundation NC 400

MAC Hyper Real SPF 15 Foundation NC 400

I've never heard about or of this foundation until someone wanted to swap with me on Makeupalley. I checked out her swaplist & she had lots of MAC foundations & powders in my shade *NC37-NC40*. I had most of them already or tried it. This was the only one I haven't tried. I asked her about it and she described it to me. She told me this "I would say that the hyperreal is a step up and is just a little more mineralized that the mineralized skinfinish..meaning you get a really really glowy look, not fake looking but natural...fantastic for wearing at night if you go clubbing or a nice evening out..i wear mine all day becuase i just love the look and i get complimented on my skin all day :) my complexion hanged so i'm a little lighter now thats why i'm getting rid of my nc400."

When I received it in the mail, I swatched it & fell in loveee with it. Sadly it was Winter & it was slightly too dark on me. I am NC37 during Winter. So it just sat in my traincase until NOW!

I have been using it for 2 weeks now. I've been tanning too so it blends right in. It makes my skin look iridescent. No need for me to apply bronzer...just for contouring only though. The shimmer in this gives me a soft dewy look. Light to Medium coverage but veryy blendable and sheer. It could be build to full coverage but I have a little freckle on my nose so I don't normally go for full coverage.

My skin is Oily/Dry Combo...but more on the dry side. I don't really get oily in the t zone as much as I do with the Studio Fix Fluid as I do with this. Just blotted ONCE and that was it for the day.

I'm soo sad that this is discontinued. I am going to try to find more on Makeupalley. This is my Holy Grail for the season. Seriously. I need to stock up on it b/c I can't find many in the shade NC 400.

Hyper Real Foundation applied with 187 brush

Face: MAC Hyper Real SPF 15 Foundation in NC 400
MAC Dame blush
MAC MSF Refined
NYC Sunny Bronzer for contouring

Eyes: Blanc Type/Romp
Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara
#81 lashes *no brand, from beauty supply store lol*

Lips: MAC Faux Lipstick

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

MAC Hue & Please Me Lipsticks

Left-Please Me*Matte*, Right- Hue *Glaze*

Left- Hue *Glaze*, Right-Please Me *Matte*