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Friday, March 5, 2010

My first blog award =)

I was given this award by Lorraine =). How sweet of her. I just started to blog not too long ago. She inspires me!! Thanks so much! This means a lot to me . Very glad to join the make up blog community. I get to meet lots of talented & sweet girls!

1. Post the logo on your blog.
2. Pass it to 12 bloggers that inspire you.
3. Link the bloggers & let them know!

Bloggers that inspire me =).

1.Natalie- http://nattyngeorge.blogspot.com/
2.Cheryl- http://cherylsbeautyblog.blogspot.com/
3.Leina- http://makeupbyleina.blogspot.com/
4.Kim- http://www.makeupbykim-porter.com/
5.Meya- http://rockmebeautiful.blogspot.com/
6.Lorraine- http://boobooah.blogspot.com/
7.Diana- http://dianasbeautycorner.blogspot.com/
8.Katrina- http://www.katrinalomidze.com/
9.Crystal- http://makeupbycrystals.blogspot.com/
10.Samantha- http://saaammage.blogspot.com/
11. Holly Ann-AeRee- http://hollyannaeree.blogspot.com/
12.Cristina- http://barbieluvsmac.blogspot.com/

Be sure to check out their blogs loves!


Makeup by Kim Porter said...

aww thank you so much :o) I really appreciate this

Cheryl♥ said...

Thanks for the award babe!

Fur Knee. said...

awww your blog is so gorgeous :)
it's so girly and beautiful. looks like i'm going to be reading your blog quite often! ;D

FabLondyn said...

Hi Hun,Cute blog so far!! I'm your new follower,can you please stop by my blog and follow me..Thanks..xoxo ~Londyn


D's Beauty Corner said...

This is so sweet, thank you!
And yes, I totally recognized you from MUA too! :)

Katie Ngo said...

Hey girl,
I have something important to tell you...Just CURIOUS. e-mail at katiengody@gmail.com if you want to know!

Take care <3

Anonymous said...

Aww, thank you so much, honey.