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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Baby Powder as a setting powder?

So I ran out of my MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder & Blot Powder. Therefore, I had nothing to set my foundation with. I had my Studio Fix Powder Plus..but that makes me break out a lil bit. Anyways, I looked up on Specktra to see what others use as a setting powder...but that was translucent and didn't cost so much. By the way I tried the MAC Prep + Prime Translucent Powder last week & I loveee it. I read that many used Baby Powder as a setting powder.

I used Studio Fix Fluid & my #129 brush to apply the baby powder. Very light application. I just used a soft kabuki brush to brush off the loose powder.

I did NOT get oily in my t-zone at all. I did not touch up at all.

Woke up the next day, no zit or irritations to the skin whatsoever. The only cons about it, is the scent. This is actually my son's baby powder LOL. If anything next time, I will buy the unscented one. I could care less about the packaging. I just pour some in my empty Bare Escentuals container.

Another product that I wished I knew about before!! I still love the MAC Select Sheer & Blot powders though. I would probably only use those for special outings/weekends.

Trying out MAC l/s in Lady Danger. It looks a lil smudge but it's my webcam being weird. My son like drooled over the webcam and I guess it got wet inside haha. So my pics are a lil blurry from that. Also my first time shading in my eyebrows with a pencil instead of eyeshadow. The eyebrow pencil is the dark brown by NYC.

Forgot to mention, that is the "Hollywood" lashes that Kim & Khloe Kardashian wears. My sister found out about through Khloe's blog. Not sure what the link is but I can find out and link you guys.


April said...

you look so gorgeous in the picture! i will definitely give that baby powder a try! =)

drocks said...

hey hun im new to your site and i have to say youre absolutely gorgeous! :) the baby powder is a great idea. cant wait to read more on your site

Makeup by Kim Porter said...

I gave you a blog award check it out here http://makeupbykim-porter.com

MzPangee said...

hunnie you are too gorgeous! keep up the great blog =D

Fur Knee. said...

you're one of my favourite blogs! : ) x

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Hey! I'm glad that I found your blog hun~! :) I look forward to more posts <3

lorraine said...

that's exactly where i got the idea from! the hello kitty bow :)

Jo' said...

girl you look fab! so pretty! I've used baby powder for my hair whenever it's oily. Sort of like a dry shampoo.

I will try it for my t-zone hahaha :)

TzeYien89 said...

hey, i have been through pages of your blog and i love it! your so gorgeous too!

Then i noticed you are inspired by kay valentine! Which is cool because I did her nails before she went on her australia tour if you check out home of beauty on facebook there is a link to her video thanking us =]

hope you have time to check out my blog