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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Victoria's Secret Limited Edition Perfect Lipstick in It Girl

I got this specifically b/c of it's packaging. I thought it was gonna have rhinestones on it, but that was just the box it came in. The tube itself is pink. Normally their lipstick tubes come in black. I got this for $16.

I like it, I don't have anything exactly or close to this color. I thought it was similar to Maybelline's Born With It or MAC Creme Cup but it's not.

I will only repurchase b/c it come in a cute tube & the color isn't that bad. $16 though? Idk about that.. I did swatch Celebutante & liked it. It was a pretty nude, I thought it was close to Freckletone *in my mind*, but I have not compared the two. I will purchase both though & I'll post it on here k.

Sorry for the quick short post, I gotta get ready to go to a comedy club to see Jamie Kennedy stand up w my bf. We got free tickets =).

Sunday, November 7, 2010

First OOTD Day

OOFTD/FOTD w my lil sister Christina

Top: F21
Leggings: F21
Shoes: Got em as a gift from my girlfriend.  You can get some similar at Baker's though. It's still in store from what I remember.
Clutch: Express

BTW that is why I always like to curl my hair. It looks funny straight. The bottom layer needs to be trimmed BAD.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC37
Rimmel's Stay Matte Powder in Sandstorm
MAC Blush in Pink Swoon mixed with Peachykeen

MAC Paint Pot in Painterly
MAC Mulch all over the lid
MAC Softbrown to blend out
NYX Smokey Eyes palette lightest color for highlight
MAC Brun for eyebrows
Essence black eyeliner
Maybelline's Falsies mascara
Ardell Wispies False Lashes

Carmex Strawberry
& Wet N Wild Just Peachy lipstick

They're so comfy. Im really glad my friend picked this out for me. Simple booties.

Friday, October 29, 2010

October Favorites/Recap/ plus Jersey Shore Snooki inspired look.

I love October guys! Texas State fair, Halloween, cute pink stuff for Breast Cancer Awareness month & much much more. I also like this time around the year because after Halloween, there's Thanksgiving & we just get closer to the holidays!

Big Tex, I think he's about 52 ft tall.

This year I went to the State Fair 5 times! I can't believe I did, but I love the food too much haha

Foods I tried/had at the fair this year LOL:

-Fried ice cream *my fav, I get this every year*
-Roasted Buttered Corn w cajun seasoning
-Turkey Leg
-Cheese tator fries
-Texas shaped nachos w. fajitas
-Chicken Fried Bacon *Just bacon  fried in chicken batter*
-Crawfish sausage on a stick
-Funnel cake
-Fried Pizza
-Fried lemonade
-Fried oreos
-Frozen sweet tea
-Bbq brisket sandwich
-- that's all I remember. I shared all of them w friends or w my bf, I did not eat all of that by myself haha.

My niece Jayda.

Thai on his first ride ever =).

Chicken Fried Bacon w Honey mustard. It was yummy!! Sounds like it would give me a heart attack though lol.

Funnel Cake.

Fried Pizza

TX VS OU game outfit =). Hook emm!

October Favorites

1. Boots expert sensitive light moisturizing lotion- I have no problem with this at all. The Clean & Clear Oil Free Dual Action broke me out.  This is very light and does not make my face feel greasy or sticky at all. I just don't like that it comes in a twist-off cap & not a pump. It's kind of a hassle. I think the bottle is going to last me for quite awhile though. So far, I will be sticking to this and will buy again.
2. Too Faced Primed & Poreless Face Primer- Ahh I love this, soo smooth and I like how it doesn't break me out or leave my face oily. Worth my $30. 

3. Rimmel London's Stay Matte powder in Sandstorm- This reminds me of a cheap version of MAC Select Sheer pressed powder. Very sheer and light. The color is more for like NC35-ish skintones but since it's so sheer it doesn't really make my face look white. I just brush one coat all over my face. I don't like the packaging either. It feels like it's going to break or something. Gotta be careful with it.

4. MAC blush in Angel LE- I got this at a CCO last yr. I'm sad that I fell in love with it when it was too late to go back and get a backup. Color is like a soft girly pink. I say it's like a sister to Well Dressed blush. I like to use this on an everyday look if I don't wanna go for a neutral peachy color like Melba or something like Blushbaby. I was looking for a pink that's wearable during the daytime or just a very soft pink to give my cheeks a lil glow. Angel, like its name..makes you look like an angel afterwards =). I can't do a swatch, camera won't pick up!

5.Maybelline's Falsies mascara- A lot of people don't like this, but this stuff works for me.It kind does makes me look like Im wearing falsies. I can imagine someone with full lashes using this. They wouldn't need to apply false lashes! I have really straight short lashes that's hard to curl too. I can even use this for my bottom lashes which is a big plus. This is wayy better than CG lashblast. I wanna try the Colossal one though. This is my HG mascara for now.

6. Maybelline's Color Sensational Lipstick in Pink Please- My babyyy. I've been neglecting all of my MAC lippies b/c of this one. Perfect pink for me. I did like Born with it, til I notice all the shimmer it has in it. For a night out look, I'd go for Make Me Pink.

7. Neosporins Lip Heath Lip Therapy- After 3 days, I really did see results. You gotta keep using it at least ONCE a day. Preferably before bed or before you apply makeup, so by the time it time for you to put on your lippie..your lips will be smooth and ready =). I'm very happy that I don't have to worry about crusty chapped lips anymore. Ive been looking for something that works just like how Ive been looking for good skincare stuff for my face. I think everyone should try this! Another great stocking stuffer for my girlfriends. I hope they don't read my blog haha mentioned so many stuff that I'm going to stuff in their stockings.

8. Sonia Kashuk Circle of Hope Kabuki brush- The pink bristles caught my eyes. I was going to get the brush set but I already have the bamboo set that's similar to it. I like to use this for my setting powder or on the go brush. I wish there was a retracable one of this. Silver & pink too =).

9. Pink & Black Love & Beauty brush from Forever 21- I got this b/c I needed my own hair brush. Tired of looking for one around the house everyday. I love that it's black & pink. Those are my fav colors. I have this as a favorite b/c Ive been using it everyday of course & I lovee it. I wanna go get the other one now. $3.50 ish I think?

Did you guys go to your State's fair this year? What did you do & eat? 


What are you guys dressing up as this year? 

I hope everyone has a good & safe Halloween weekend! Looking forward to seeing everyones costumes/looks & October favorites. Loves ya =)/

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Too Faced Primer & NYX 10 Color Palettes

Hello loves,

I've been checking in at Ulta & Sephora for the Urban Decay NAKED Palette for awhile now. Ulta won't get anymore til next weekend or the end of October. Went to two different Sephora stores & both told me they won't get anymore shipment til January?!? I really want it since I use those kind of colors & shades. I could create so many different smokey eye looks with it. I didn't know about it when it first launched out. So I did miss out =/. I only keep updated with MAC collections. I don't get to read through makeup forums as much. Specktra has too much going on...I think that's like brag central *sorry no offense*. MUA is kinda weird with their forums too, seems a lil unorganized. Temptalia's blog is probably where I need to check on for updates with other brands collections.

Anyways, went in to Ulta today to get the Too Faced Primed & Poreless Skin Smoothing Primer. I really needed some new eyeshadows for different smokey eye looks I had in mind. I already have a full filled 15 pan MAC palette with neutral & brown shades. I've been neglecting MAC eyeshadows lately. Maybe you guys can help me? I was checking out NYX's section. I was playing with their single eyeshadows & I love the texture of em & how pigmented they are. I really like it better than MAC sorta. Their singles are like $5-6.99 each? Then I looked down & saw the 10 color palettes for $9.99 & Buy 1 get 1 50% off sticker on it. I've seen some of these on blogspot before but I don't remember what or how the swatches looked like. I played & swatched with the Smokey Eyes & the Champagne & Caviar palettes. I fell in loveeee. I'm like perfect..I have 20 colors to play with until I get the NAKED Palette. Some of the colors look similar to some of the shades in the UD NAKED palette. Shoot why not..only $15 for these two palettes. I can't wait to try different looks with these. I think Imma have to go back & get some back ups. I wanna get one for my cousins & friends now. Great stocking stuffers =).

The Smoke Eyes palette

The Smokey Eyes Palette- Ahh these colors are soo sexy! Some matte & shimmer shades. Very velvety & smooth. Not too much shimmer, I like it. I would definitely use this with a primer or base for it to kinda show really good. Well the black and really dark shade is a bit chalky. Could be used for liner or applied wet on the lash line though. I don't mind the black shade not being a true black. I already have MAC's Carbon & Black Tied that I don't use often. I just like that this can create a soft or dramatic look. Warm or Cool toned too. Great for beginners *like me sorta =)* haha. I barely learning how to blend and do eyeshadows. It's hard working with my eyelids.

Champagne & Caviar Palette

Champagne & Caviar Palette- Pretty neutral colors. Perfect for soft daytime smoke! Nothing to complain about really. The colors reminds me of Too Faced Natural & Naked eye kit. I don't have any eyeshadows similar to this. My neutral MAC palette consist of more brown & bronze shades. So I can use some of these colors for an all over the lid or base & for a darker crease, I can just use some from the Smokey Eye palette =).

Hope this helped! Might not be a must habe for everyone but I'm not picky either. I usually try to make whatever makeup work on me. All about blending and really good primers! IMO. I used to be a MAC snob, but Im just giving drugstore brand a chance. If it sucks..I wouldnt bother raving about it. I like finding good deals. Beauty on a budget...it's hard to keep up with an addiction to makeup & such!


Too Faced Primed & Poreless Skin Smoothing Primer- I have a thing for primers. I use Victoria's Secret PRO FX & Bare Escentuals Prime Time. I have Smashbox Photo Finish too...still halfway full & I find myself not reaching for it at all. Stupid pump stopped working. 2nd time that's happened to me.

I was given a sample of this at Sephora last week. I tried it & fell in love with it. LOl I fall in love with everything the first time..until I find a better hmm love =). I feel like a primer cheater! Anyways, I really like how this stuff feels. So freaking smooth. A lil thick, but as you rub it off it's not so thick or heavy feeling. Doesn't feel greasy. After I applied it, my face looked very silky smooth without any foundation on. Pores looked smaller too. I wouldn't put too much on or else it might be hard to blend your concealer or foundation in. I've read reviews & I think some applied too much of it. It is thick & not slippery, so people might think they need more than they really do. $30 for 1 oz though...that's the only thing that sucks about it. It's a lil pricey. Its like a better version of Loreal's magic perfecting base primer though honestly. I didn't really like that stuff though. I'm not sure if I will repurchase this. All primers are expensive though. I would invest in a primer since it really does help on how your makeup application goes. So we'll see til I run out I guess.

Next primers I want to try are the UD de-slick one, Rimmel's, & Hard Candy Sheer Envy. Have you guys tried any of these? What are you currently using for your face primer?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Beauty Bargain: Ulta & Walgreens

Ulta: 2 Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks in Born with It & Pink Please. $3.49 each!! & essence's Kajal eyeliner in black $.99 + $3.50 off coupon. All under $6.

Walgreens: Thanks to Nikka's post. I had 20 mins left to run to Walgreens LOL. All Wet N Wild products 50% off.  I just got the Bare it All lipstick. It was $1.49. All the other ones were gone. I took the last one too. Then I saw that Rimmel London products were all 50% off too! Got the mascara for like $3.29 ish? I had to hurry so that's all I grabbed. Imma go back tomorrow to get the Rimmel London's bronzers. Have til 10/09!

Did anybody get anything on sale recently? Ulta always have good sales too. I received the Breast Cancer Awareness Month Pink ad catalog. I want almost everything in there LOL. I love Pinkkk. I went to the nearest Ulta by my house & they didn't really have all of that cute pink stuff...online too. WTH?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Too Faced goodies

Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Translucent Powder

Was bored in Sephora & asked the MA what's a good setting powder that doesn't have color in it. She picked this out & told me she uses it. I swatched it & it looked like it would make my face look ghostly white. She told me it goes on translucent and how it keeps your face from looking shiny. I simply bought this for it's cute packaging. I've always wanted another compact that was by Too Faced. So, I finally got it. I wouldn't apply it using the sponge that came with it. It does look like I just caked on a fair tone powder. Made my face look very pale. I gave it a try using a regular powder brush instead, & that was definitely much better. It blended in nicely & didn't look like I put anything on. Basically sets your foundation w/out any color & gives you a matte effect. No shine throughout the day. I use this or my Maybelline's Dream Matte Powder in Honey. MAC blot powder is a lil ashy on me.

Too Faced The Bronzed & the Beautiful Bronzing Powder Kit

Haven't used it yet. It's soo pretty though. I'm scared to even touch it. I already have Sun Bunny & had Pink Leopard before. I swatched Snow Bunny in store. It comes with sucha cute lil kabuki brush. It's soft like a teddy bear.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid in Fresh Beige
Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Translucent Powder
NYC Bronzer in Sunny
MAC blush in Pink Swoon
MAC MSF Soft & Gentle

MAC Brun for brows
Too Faced Smokey eye kit
Revlon Colorstay liner
Maybelline Falsies mascara
Ardell Wispies lashes

MAC Please Me Lipstick
MAC Viva Glam Lady Gaga Lipglass

So I've been seeing this Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstain ad for awhile. I realy like how it looks on the model. It says that she is wearing Wink Of Pink. I looked up reviews on MUA, and supposely it is darker and looks nothing like the ad or even close to it. I really like the color. 

Does anybody know or tried anything similar to this color? Some say to try the lightest shade in pink from this line but haven't seen it.

My cousin grabbed Strange Potion lipglass for me =). Can't wait til she comes back up here. Ive always thought about MAC doing a Disney Princess collection. I can imagine what colors they would have for Princess Jasmine. Snow White is predictable. I really hope they come out with a Princess collection or something like Cleopatra =). 

Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Favorites

This is my first montly favorite post. Always wanted to do one, but I get caught up I can barely even post on it. I will try though. I love sharing w others & also like it when bloggers do this too. I'm always open to try new stuff out there or want to know what I could probably be missing out on. Sorry for my long ramblings. I like to be honest & try to describe as much besides the color or whatever.

1.Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer (Tinted Moisturizer)- I got mine in Medium to Olive. I am NC40 w yellow undertones. I freaking love this thing. Good thing I found this before getting the MAC Studio Moisture Tint. I don't have perfect skin,but I don't have many blemishes also. This is something I like to also use when I don't feel like whipping on my foundation and all of that. Lazy day kind of thing. If you're in a rush, you can just take this in the car & just apply it all over with your hand. It blends in very easily. It's one of those things where I can use when in a hurry & don't feel like going out FULLY without any makeup on you know? =). My bf couldn't tell I was even wearing it & he is alwaysss checking out my makeup or have something to say. By the way, I've read some reviews where some people don't think it gives much coverage. Well it is a tinted moisturizer. It does cover some blemishes & such a little. Better than nothing. Just apply concealer in the area you need extra coverage on. Then, I also like to use this with my Studio Fix plus powder for more coverage. I was in the MAC store checking out the MAC Studio Moisture Tint, and the MA recommended me to try it with the Studio Fix Plus Powder. I liked how the finish looked. Smooth matte look. Only thing that sucks about this is that the darkest shade is Tan to Medium or something like that. It's actually a lil like. So if you are darker than NC40, you won't be able to find it in your shade =(. I love the packaging too. The pump works well and dispenses a good amount. Got mine 2 for $16 at Ulta. It is usually $11.99 for one.

2.ELF's Studio Line Eyeshadow in Wild Wheat- I use this as an all over the lid color. It's not very pigmented, BUT it matches my skintone a bit *NC40*. I like to use this whenever I don't feel like wearing too much eye makeup. I just pair it up w a very matte brow highlight & a lil eyeliner & I'm done. Very natural looking. For only $3?? why nott? =). I also recommeded this to my younger girl cousins who are starting to use makeup. They wanted something natural looking and inexpensive. I hate seeing girls wearing JUST eyeliner and their eyelids are all oily or just plain BLAH.This gives is a nice natural finish. I should do a before & after picture.

3.MAC Frost Blush in Margin- Since I've been very lazy with makeup lately. I wanted something to give my cheeks a pretty much almost natural glow. It was either this or Peachykeen. Peachykeen has more a warmer tone to it so I aimed for this instead. Why not use bronzer? My bronzers are either Matte or w shimmer in it. It would be too much shimmer on my cheeks. I get oily sometimes & definitely don't like the feel with anything shimmery on my face. It is a peachy color w a hint of gold. Has a nice sheen to it. Blends in nicely with my NC40 skintone. Not too bronzey like for Summer...this is suitable for the Fall season. Well for me, not sure how it would look on lighter skintones.

4.essence's eyeshadow in Blockbuster #22 *Matte Effect*-  I just got this because I ran out of my MAC Blanc Type eyshadow & needed a new matte highlight. Ulta has a lil sections for essence's makeup & their packaging caught my eyes. It's a lil lighter than Blanc Type but it works for me. It blends in pretty well and it's not so obvious that I'm wearing a brow highlighter. Only $1.99. I think I found my HG matte highlighter. Going to stock up on it. For more pigmentation, I would probably use it w/ one of MAC's paint pot in Painterly or Soft Orche.

5.Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in 070 Soft Nude- I've been lemming for this for awhile. Everytime I went to Target, it was always sold out. My cousin gave this to me. I lovee lovee this. Pefect daytime nude that doesn't wash me out. It's pretty sheer on me. It kind of goes w my natural lip color or gives it a pretty nude tint.

6.Ulta Smoky Eye Automatic Eye Liner in Black Plum- I wanted to try any purple shade eye liner to bring out my brown eyes *or sometimes I wear Grey contacts.* I had UD 24/7 Ransom on my wishlist. I just wanted to buy a cheaper brand to test out what purple/plum shade looks like on me. I fell in love with how purple liner looks on Meya's eyes. Here & here. She used Eyeko's liner in Fierce Purple & the other she used a purple eyeshadow & lined it with a pencil liner brush. As quoted by her "I just love how it gives me a pop of color and how it changes my whole mood from wearing pretty much nothing to feeling fab!" I have to agree, less is more =).I think any purple or plum shade brings out dark hair & eyes. I got this for $2. I still wanna try something a lil lighter or more bold. If I don't wanna wear eyeshadow but want a lil color, I like to use this and just simply apply false lashes.

7.Sonia Kashuk's travel size flat top brush- I stole this from my sister LOL. It came with the Sonia Kashuk Bamboo set. I've always wanted the full size flat top brush that everyone has. I used it one day & O M GEE, I freaking loved it. Like no kidding man. It gets in the smaller area like around my nose & under my eyes. The bamboo set @ Target is $12.99. I guess I don't need the full size anymore which is $17.99 ish? I still wanna try it. Loving this for now though. I think I wanna get a few for X-mas gifts. I love sharing beauty finds w my girls & family & to you guys of course =).

8.OPI Rumple's Wiggin' from the Shrek Collection- I wear color year round. Some of the Fall nail colors are too boring for me. This is a pretty creamy lilac color w a tint of blue/gray. Kind of reminds me of Easter. I need 2 thick coats to get a great opaque coverage.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Finally back =).

Been in Houston all Summer & I didn't have my camera on me! I had a wonderful time there . Was very busy too. I also helped w parties & events. My son Thai turned 1 on July 14th =). I've gotten closer to my aunts *my dad's sisters.* I stayed at my Aunt Lannie's house in Sugar Land. She cooked for us everyyy day. Anything we craved for, she told us to make a list and she will cook it or that's what we'll have for dinner. I watched her sons during the weekdays too. So I also got paid on my vacation =). Trust meee, they were a hand full. I'm the only one who can probably handle those boys LOL. Nothing new to me, I have two boys myself. My older son Coby stayed w his Dad over here in Dallas/GP. They would come visit in Houston every 2-3 weeks. Hiep worked on certain weeks so he couldn't really stay w/me. BTW I didn't buy much makeup this Summer....I know wth right? I've been sticking to neutral eyes with pinky-nude lips. Like alwaysss. Not sure if I've ever mention..but FOOD is before makeup & clothes for me. Food is the key to my heart. All I tweet about or post on FB is about FOOD LOL. So yes I ate a bunch this Summer. Went out every now and then w my cousins/childhood friends. Spent a lot of time w family. I'm glad I decided to come to Houston...I've never gotten to spend time with my dad side like that. I miss em already.

Don't really feel like typing much or going into details because there's wayy too much to tell LOL. Pictures w captions will do for now =). I also did all the decorations for all the parties you see on here to. I love planning parties and doing events!

Freeport TX Beach
My Cousin Evelyn's 25th Birthday
Michael's 80's theme housewarming party
Thai's Carninal Theme 1st Birthday Party
Auntie Lannie's 80's theme 40th Birthday Party
Diep & Jimmy's Juicy Couture Theme Baby Shower
New Orleans, Louisiana Trip w the girls

(Click to enlarge) I need to remind myself to not resize them that way they'll look better on here...quality looks shit on here ughh.

(Freeport TX Beach)

Thai's first time at the beach.

(Cousin Evelyn's 25th bday)

Denise & I @ Club Venue *BTW she is half Laotian & Black* She was my childhood partner in crime..STILL IS! =)

Amber, Evelyn, Janatte, Denise, & me

(Michael's 80's theme Housewarming/Potluck Party)

(Thai's 1st Birthday/Carnival Theme )

Thai, their daddy *Hiep*, & Coby

Bean Toss game

Musical Chairs

Potatoe Sack race

Cracker eating contest LOL.

Opening gifts

& moree

(Aunt Lannie's 80's theme 40th Birthday)

Birthday girlll

Cassettes =).

(Diep & Jimmy's Juicy Couture theme Baby Shower)

Yumm Strawberry lemonade

The lovely couple

(New Orleans , LA Trip w the girls)

My fav place there !! Yummy beignets.


Us with the bday girl Janatte *black one shoulder dress*.

My cousin Evelyn & I.

Doesn't she reminds you of Fergie?

My sister & I.